How To Be An Effective Leader

Learn Proven Methods For Being Able To Lead Successfully! Master The Skills Of Effective Leadership…Things Your Boss Doesn’t
Even Want You To Know!”


Why do people respect and support some as leaders and shun or despise others? How does one executive achieve prosperity and pay his staff well, while another fails? Is it fate? Luck? Some special gift only “the learn how to be an effective leadersuccessful ones” have?The Scientology Tools for Effective Leadership course answers these questions and gives you the true laws of leadership.

On this course you will learn:

• Exactly what an executive is, what he must know and do to be an effective, efficient administrator.
• What a bad leader does that harms a group and what a good leader
does that results in prosperity for group members.
• A precise description of administrative basics, and the essential elements every executive must know.

An executive armed with this knowledge can generate respect and cooperation from his staff. An through the application of these leadership tools, he can achieve a higher existence for all concerned.

from people who have done this course:
“This course really

amazed me. I feel like I’ve had a tow-month course packed into three course periods! The amount of immediately applicable information is ridiculous! I’ve had so many realizations about my career and my job I feel prepared to tackle matters I’ve been avoiding for years.” E.W.

“There isn’t anywhere
out in the world that you learn how to get something done when it comes to groups. This course is it! This is a gem! It is the technology of ‘how to grab the bull by the horns’ and run with it! Every single person managing a group, an office, a project, an event or even their own kids should do this course to understand the ins and outs of how to work with others and get things done!” J.P.