Sacramento Mayor proclaims March 13th, 2011 as “L. Ron Hubbard Centennial Day”

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The Scientology religion was founded by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.  The first Church of Scientology was formed by Scientologists in Los Angeles in 1954. Today the religion spans the globe with more than 9,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups in 165 countries.

One reason for such quick spreading of Scientology is because Scientology believes in following the Laws of the land.  Life improvement cannot come about when one is unethical or immoral.  Honesty and freedom go hand in hand.  The Church of Scientology strongly advocates each individual to follow the highest ethical standard he or she can envision.  To this end, the Church of Scientology often teams up with civic leaders and police organizations in community projects to help raise the social, moral, and educational standards of various communities.  It is active in disaster relief task forces, human rights awareness programs, and anti-drug and anti-crime campaigns.  Civic leaders, law makers, and heads of police forces are often key speakers in new Scientology churches’ grand opening events.

The Mayor and Council of the City of Sacramento honored L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of the Church of Scientology, by proclaiming March 13th, 2011 as “L. Ron Hubbard Centennial Day” in celebration of his birth one hundred years ago.

Mayors Proclamation L. Ron Hubbard Centennial Day

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“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the City of Sacramento, do hereby proclaim March 13, 2011 as L. Ron Hubbard Centenial Day in the City of Sacramento.”