Books on Communication
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Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought
Hardcover, English
An introduction to the basic principles of Scientology. Equipped with this book alone, one can bring about positive changes in the states of health, ability and intelligence. This book should be read by someone with an inquiring nature, or by any who aspire to a better life. Price: $25.00
Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought
Softcover, English
New softcover edition! Price: $15.00
Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought
CD, English
Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought on 3 CDs. (Audio book).(Softcover and audio CDs pictured). Price: $20.00
Components of Understanding Booklet
In this booklet, L. Ron Hubbard provides the basic knowledge of what actually constitutes understanding. This knowledge will enable you to help others who are experiencing the travails caused by misunderstandings, differing viewpoints, broken relationships and other ills that make life a string of successive hardships. You will learn the components of understanding, how they interrelate and bring about understanding. With the skills one can acquire from a study of the fundamentals contained herein, you can help bring others back into understanding with their fellow man and the world around them. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
Communication Booklet
The benefits of effective communication are too numerous to list, for they embrace all aspects of life from the personal to the professional. The ability to communicate is vital to the success of any endeavor. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) In this booklet you will learn what good communication consists of and how to recognize the bad, what the component parts of communication are and how to utilize them, and why more communication, not less, brings the individual greater freedom. Also included are numerous drills that Mr. Hubbard developed which improve one’s communication level and have great practical application in life. A thorough understanding of this data will provide you with tools you can use forever. Price: $5.00
Fundamentals of Public Relations Booklet
Generally considered a method to gain publicity, public relations has previously been subjected to severe limitations. This was a practice that lacked certain key elements. Now, because of some important discoveries in Scientology, advances have made the entire activity significantly more useful and effective. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) L. Ron Hubbard’s refinement of public relations not only makes it essential for any group and any individual, but removes the previously inherent limitations. Although the full technology is extensive, the basic principles covered in this booklet will be of immense value to anyone with a worthwhile purpose. Price: $5.00
How to Resolve Conflicts Booklet
Man is rather peaceful. But he can be driven, individually and collectively, to hatred and violence. In researching the causes of violence, L. Ron Hubbard unearthed a fundamental and natural law of human relations which explains why conflicts between people are so often difficult to remedy. And he provided an immensely valuable tool that enables one to resolve any conflict, be it between neighbors, co-workers or even countries. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) In this booklet you will discover how to help others resolve their differences and restore peaceable relations. Peace and harmony between men can be more than just a dream. Widespread application of this law will make it a reality. Price: $5.00
The Tone Scale Booklet
There has never been a workable method to invariably predict human behavior—until now. L. Ron Hubbard developed just such a method, and it is applicable to all men, without exception. With this data it is possible to accurately predict the behavior of a potential spouse, a business partner, employee or friend—before you commit to a relationship. The risks involved in human interaction can be avoided entirely or minimized when you can infallibly predict how people will behave. By understanding the information in this booklet, all aspects of human relationships will become more productive and more fulfilling. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00

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