All Dianetics and Scientology courses are self-paced. You set up your own schedule and study at your own rate of speed.
All courses (except Extension Courses) are done here at Mission of the Capitol. Professional Course Supervisors work with you on a one-on-one basis as needed.
Our goal is to make sure you thoroughly understand what you are studying so you can actually use it to improve your life. We want you to get results!
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Dianetics – The Hubbard Dianetics® Seminar
Stress & Depression– Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course
Drugs & Alcohol – The Purification Rundown®
Marriage & Parenting – Starting a Successful Marriage Course, How To Improve Your Marriage Course and How to Be a Successful Parent Course
Children – Learning How To Learn, Study Skills For Life, Grammar and Communication for Children
Personal Relationships – How To Improve Relationships With Other Course
Communication – The Success Through Communication Course!
Integrity & Honesty – Personal Values and Integrity
Helping Others – The Scientology Volunteer Minister Handbook
Job, Career & Goals – How To Make Work Easier Course, How To Improve Conditions in Life Course
Financial Success – Financial Success Course and Dynamics of Money Course
Extension Courses
Study Dianetics and Scientology on your own at home! Extension Courses are available for many Dianetics and Scientology books. Each Extension Course covers one book and is designed to give you a complete understanding of the book so you can use the information in your life.

Each Extension Course comes with a lesson book. You fill out each lesson as you read the book and mail the lesson to us. Our Extension Course Supervisor reviews your lesson, helps with any difficulties and sends you a reply.

It’s an easy way to start using Dianetics and Scientology to improve your life.

You can order Extension Courses directly from our Web site. Click on the link below for more information:

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