What is Auditing?

Auditing, from the Latin audire meaning “to listen,” is a core religious practice within the Scientology religion, a totally unique method of spiritual counselling. It can be administered both to groups of people at a Sunday Service or other church gathering, as well as to the individual in one-on-one sessions guided by a Scientology minister who is trained and qualified to better individuals through auditing. In that capacity, the minister is referred to as an auditor — meaning “one who listens.”
An auditor does not engage in some vague form of mental exploration, nor does he offer solutions, advice or evaluation. Instead, the individual is allowed to find his own answers to life’s problems — and auditing enables him to do this. Auditing is precise, with exact procedures.
Through auditing one is able to look at his own existence and improve his ability to confront where he is and what he is — and then to do something about it.
When auditing is ministered on an individual basis, the auditor and the person receiving auditing generally sit across from each other in a quiet, distraction-free space. Specific questions guide the person to the area of his life being addressed, resulting in many realizations and a higher degree of awareness about his own existence.
In this way, he becomes happier, more confident, spiritually aware and in control of his own life.
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