Drug and Alcohol Problems

Books on Drugs and Alcohol
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The Way To Happiness
Softcover, English
he Way To Happiness. A common sense guide to better living. New softcover edition! Price: $15.00
The Way To Happiness
CD, English
The Way to Happiness on 2 CDs. (Audio book).

(Softcover and audio CDs pictured). Price: $20.00

The Way To Happiness
Bundle of 12, English
These beautifully designed 90-page booklets contain the complete text of The Way to Happiness, along with 50 photographs illustrating the precepts. Buy these packets of 12 booklets and distribute them to your employees, business associates, customers, friends and family. Price: $18.00
Clear Body Clear Mind
Softcover, English
Drugs and toxins: dull your thinking, dim your awareness, destroy your life. The solution is this book. Hundreds of thousands have done this program and live happier, more perceptive and aware lives as a result. Price: $14.95
Purification: An Illustrated Answer to Drugs
Softcover, English
This book graphically illustrates the far-reaching effects of drugs and toxic substances on your body. Covered in text and illustrations are the facts on how drugs get enmeshed in fatty tissues and can cause “flashbacks” and adverse reactions, even years later. This book shows you what the Purification Program is and how it eliminates these effects. Price: $17.50
Answers To Drugs Booklet
L. Ron Hubbard’s drug rehabilitation program provides the most effective technology of its kind. From helping the person discover why he took drugs in the first place, to eliminating the mental and spiritual damage done by drugs, to detoxifying the body of long-term drug residues, to providing the person with tools that will enable him to stay off drugs for good, it is without doubt the most thorough and effective program in the world. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Today, for the first time, as hundreds of thousands will attest, those addicted to drugs and alcohol can free themselves of this tyranny and face life with renewed vigor and hope. This booklet contains some of the elementary principles of this program and provides the first real understanding of substance abuse problems. Price: $5.00
Solutions for a Dangerous Environment Booklet
Do you find yourself becoming disturbed by what is happening around you? Do you feel helpless, unable to control these events? Do you even sometimes feel afraid? In this booklet, L. Ron Hubbard dissects this phenomenon of the dangerous environment, providing methods that will not only help you overcome your fears, but allow you to help others. Applied on a broad scale, this information brings about an enormous calming influence and enables people to lead happier lives. Used on an individual scale—by you—it will enhance the lives of your family, friends and associates. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
The Scientology Handbook
Hardback, English
Here is something you can actually use day-in and day-out in the practical world of living—tools that enable you to handle a broad scope of situations that we all face in today’s world. The Scientology Handbook is so practical that anyone can pick it up, read it and apply it. It is broken down into 19 separate bodies of technology, addressing the most common problems of man, such as:

  • Education and how to handle illiteracy
  • Relationships and how to maintain a successful marriage
  • Solutions to the everyday problems of the workaday world
  • Keeping children happy, productive and healthy
  • Successful communication with anyone
  • Assists for illness and injuries
  • Overcoming the effects of drugs

Over 900 pages and 100 illustrations. Price: $100.00

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