Principles Of Prosperity

Achieve Abundance In All Things! Direct Your Prosperity!”


Do you want to live a full and happy life and be free? A greater abundance makes life less stressful and more prosperity course packsatisfying. But how do you get there?The answers lie in basic natural laws, and the Scientology Principles of Prosperity Course gives you the laws that make it possible to be prosperous, which then allows you to succeed as an individual. Your survival is important to you, your family and those who depend on you. Having and applying the fundamentals of prosperity will help you help those you care most about.

On this course you will learn:

• How to really understand money so you can finally turn your mind to more important pursuits.
• What economics is.
• The subject of “exchange” and how it regulates your good sate of mind and your prosperity.
• The four factors you need to know to win.

When you understand the basics and use the tools you learn on this course, you can gain full control over your present and future prosperity.

Testimonials from people who have done this course:

“This course has

definitely cleared up some major confusion on the subject of economics which has been one of the major barriers in preventing me from succeeding. I just didn’t understand and since I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t confront it. I feel I have been living as a slave to this confusion and now the confusion has been lifted. It is very liberating. I can see things so much clearer now, and I am very confident that I can achieve the standard of living I have always desired.” C.N.“It is such

a relief to know how to grow my business and use specific tools. To know that my effective, quality work in production and delivery- combined with a joyful attitude and a clever use of resources- will help me win, bring the big picture into focus. I have plans to put into action now, to flourish and prosper, not just getting along.” B.P.