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Books on Helping Others
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Components of Understanding Booklet
In this booklet, L. Ron Hubbard provides the basic knowledge of what actually constitutes understanding. This knowledge will enable you to help others who are experiencing the travails caused by misunderstandings, differing viewpoints, broken relationships and other ills that make life a string of successive hardships. You will learn the components of understanding, how they interrelate and bring about understanding. With the skills one can acquire from a study of the fundamentals contained herein, you can help bring others back into understanding with their fellow man and the world around them. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
Cause of Suppression Booklet
Why are some people ill more often than others? Why are some accident-prone? And is there a reason others live their lives on an emotional seesaw, doing well one day and badly the next? (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) There is an explanation, and it has nothing to do with the gods, fate or the position of the stars. In fact, the actual reason behind these phenomena—and their resolution—is explained in this booklet. L. Ron Hubbard was able to see through the complexities of human behavior and discover the underlying factors which explain the phenomenon of suppression in people—for it is suppression by others that causes these seemingly haphazard events. In the excerpts from his writing in this booklet, you will find out how to recognize people who wish you ill and those who are your friends. You’ll discover why some people do poorly in life and how you can help them regain their well-being. You’ll learn about the mechanics behind this destructive yet commonplace situation and ways to counteract it. It is data that can change your life tangibly and instantly, just as it has changed the lives of others. Price: $5.00
Marriage Booklet
While marriages still outnumber divorces, the gap is rapidly closing. Marriage is well on its way to becoming a failed institution. L. Ron Hubbard wrote extensively on interpersonal relationships and much of it is applicable to this most personal of relationships. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) In this booklet you will discover methods to make a marriage work, why many marriages fail, how to discover if partners are well suited to each other, and how to save a failing marriage. While our magazines are filled with the advice of “pop” psychologists, the trend has only worsened. Here are real solutions—workable solutions—that can be applied to improve any intimate relationship. Price: $5.00
Children Booklet
It is all too common to find an unhappy state of affairs in families, with constant friction between parents and children. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) It is not a natural state of affairs. In fact, it can be avoided entirely. L. Ron Hubbard developed many methods to bring out the best in a child—and its parents. In this booklet, you will read about some of these methods and discover how to raise a child without breaking his spirit, how to have a child who is willing to contribute to the family, and how to help a child quickly get over the daily upsets and tribulations of life. Price: $5.00
Answers To Drugs Booklet
L. Ron Hubbard’s drug rehabilitation program provides the most effective technology of its kind. From helping the person discover why he took drugs in the first place, to eliminating the mental and spiritual damage done by drugs, to detoxifying the body of long-term drug residues, to providing the person with tools that will enable him to stay off drugs for good, it is without doubt the most thorough and effective program in the world. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Today, for the first time, as hundreds of thousands will attest, those addicted to drugs and alcohol can free themselves of this tyranny and face life with renewed vigor and hope. This booklet contains some of the elementary principles of this program and provides the first real understanding of substance abuse problems. Price: $5.00
Assists for Illnesses and Injuries Booklet
The individual himself has an enormous capacity to influence the body and its well-being or lack of it. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) L. Ron Hubbard developed numerous applications of his discoveries for the mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s physical difficulties. And as more and more techniques evolved, a new body of technology came into use, called “assists.” The way assists can be applied is almost limitless. They always help and often have miraculous results. Dozens of assists exist today for a wide array of conditions, and several of the most basic and widely used are included in this booklet. Price: $5.00
Technology of Study Booklet
Just about everyone agrees that in order to better yourself and get ahead in life, you have to be able to study. Getting through school, getting a promotion on the job, making more money and other personal and professional achievements are often determined solely by the ability to study and apply what you have learned. But how does one acquire this ability? (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) This illustrated booklet is a manual about how to study. It covers the basic barriers that keep you from learning well. It tells you how to recognize them and what you can do to bust through these barriers. After reading this manual you will have the tools to speed up your studies while actually UNDERSTANDING what you’re reading about. No more “memorizing” or “speed reading” or other quick-fix methods of studying just so you can pass your class or some test. This manual will teach you REAL SKILLS that bring about UNDERSTANDING! Price: $5.00
Communication Booklet
The benefits of effective communication are too numerous to list, for they embrace all aspects of life from the personal to the professional. The ability to communicate is vital to the success of any endeavor. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) In this booklet you will learn what good communication consists of and how to recognize the bad, what the component parts of communication are and how to utilize them, and why more communication, not less, brings the individual greater freedom. Also included are numerous drills that Mr. Hubbard developed which improve one’s communication level and have great practical application in life. A thorough understanding of this data will provide you with tools you can use forever. Price: $5.00
Basics of Organizing Booklet
L. Ron Hubbard recognized that man was as lacking in understanding of how to organize his activities as he was about his true spiritual nature. And a sizable portion of his research was devoted to clarify the subject of organization, a task he fully accomplished. This booklet contains only some of the most basic principles of the organizing technology he developed, but these fundamentals are, by themselves, enough to greatly enhance the activity of any endeavor, whether that of a group or an individual . Chaos and confusion are not natural conditions of life. They only exist when natural laws are not understood and followed. Here are some of the natural laws of organization and organizing. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
Tools for the Workplace Booklet
How to increase job efficiency and productivity, how to handle upsets and confusion in the workplace and how to overcome exhaustion are all matters that concern both the laborer and the manager. Their resolution would bring about not only greater security but greater satisfaction. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) This booklet contains some of the wide array of principles and techniques L. Ron Hubbard developed for application in the workplace. Work not only can be both rewarding and fulfilling, but as the major activity in most of our lives, it should be. Utilization of this information will help you make it just that. Price: $5.00
Targets and Goals Booklet
In examining the subject of organization, L. Ron Hubbard developed an enormous body of technology to ensure the success of any group. In doing so, he also provided a solution to the most common of failings: the lack of ability to execute plans. In this booklet, you will discover how to attain literally any goal, large or small. Plans can be carried through to fruition, but a number of vital steps must be taken, one after the other. You’ll learn what these steps are and how to apply them to anything—a personal ambition, a family, a group, a business and more. You’ll learn that your dreams can become real. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
Fundamentals of Public Relations Booklet
Generally considered a method to gain publicity, public relations has previously been subjected to severe limitations. This was a practice that lacked certain key elements. Now, because of some important discoveries in Scientology, advances have made the entire activity significantly more useful and effective. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) L. Ron Hubbard’s refinement of public relations not only makes it essential for any group and any individual, but removes the previously inherent limitations. Although the full technology is extensive, the basic principles covered in this booklet will be of immense value to anyone with a worthwhile purpose. Price: $5.00
Ethics and The Conditions Booklet
Here are the fundamentals of ethics, derived from natural laws, that enable you to improve any condition in any part of life. Use them to attain higher levels of survival and prosperity. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
How to Resolve Conflicts Booklet
Man is rather peaceful. But he can be driven, individually and collectively, to hatred and violence. In researching the causes of violence, L. Ron Hubbard unearthed a fundamental and natural law of human relations which explains why conflicts between people are so often difficult to remedy. And he provided an immensely valuable tool that enables one to resolve any conflict, be it between neighbors, co-workers or even countries. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) In this booklet you will discover how to help others resolve their differences and restore peaceable relations. Peace and harmony between men can be more than just a dream. Widespread application of this law will make it a reality. Price: $5.00
Integrity and Honesty Booklet
L. Ron Hubbard amassed a huge body of research which squarely addresses and resolves the underlying reason for withdrawal from others and loss of integrity. And he developed a precise way for you to help help individuals regain their feelings of honesty and self-worth. Broken dreams and regret about the past do not have to continue to pull people away from involvement in the present. There is an actual mechanism which makes people withdraw from relationships, from families, groups and, indeed, their dreams. And such situations can be remedied. In this booklet, you will discover how you can help others regain their integrity—and their zest for life. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
Investigations Booklet
Accurate investigation is, in fact, a rare commodity. Man’s tendency in matters he doesn’t understand is to accept the first proffered explanation, no matter how faulty. Thus investigatory technology had not actually been practiced or refined. However, L. Ron Hubbard made a breakthrough in the subject of logic and reasoning which led to his development of the first truly effective way to search for and consistently find the actual causes for things. Knowing how to investigate gives one the power to navigate through the random facts and opinions and emerge with the real reasons behind success or failure in any aspect of life. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
Solutions for a Dangerous Environment Booklet
Do you find yourself becoming disturbed by what is happening around you? Do you feel helpless, unable to control these events? Do you even sometimes feel afraid? In this booklet, L. Ron Hubbard dissects this phenomenon of the dangerous environment, providing methods that will not only help you overcome your fears, but allow you to help others. Applied on a broad scale, this information brings about an enormous calming influence and enables people to lead happier lives. Used on an individual scale—by you—it will enhance the lives of your family, friends and associates. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
The Tone Scale Booklet
There has never been a workable method to invariably predict human behavior—until now. L. Ron Hubbard developed just such a method, and it is applicable to all men, without exception. With this data it is possible to accurately predict the behavior of a potential spouse, a business partner, employee or friend—before you commit to a relationship. The risks involved in human interaction can be avoided entirely or minimized when you can infallibly predict how people will behave. By understanding the information in this booklet, all aspects of human relationships will become more productive and more fulfilling. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
The Dynamics of Existence Booklet
The principles in this booklet solve the ancient moral dilemma of right and wrong and bring about a new level of rationality. With them, one can now align the various factors of existence, invariably make the right decisions when faced with choices and achieve a new perspective on the directions available in his life. Mr. Hubbard explains these principles in numerous writings and lectures. But this booklet represents the essence of the subject and a practical approach to living successfully used by millions. (Included in The Scientology Handbook.) Price: $5.00
The Scientology Handbook
Hardback, English
Here is something you can actually use day-in and day-out in the practical world of living—tools that enable you to handle a broad scope of situations that we all face in today’s world. The Scientology Handbook is so practical that anyone can pick it up, read it and apply it. It is broken down into 19 separate bodies of technology, addressing the most common problems of man, such as:

  • Education and how to handle illiteracy
  • Relationships and how to maintain a successful marriage
  • Solutions to the everyday problems of the workaday world
  • Keeping children happy, productive and healthy
  • Successful communication with anyone
  • Assists for illness and injuries
  • Overcoming the effects of drugs

Over 900 pages and 100 illustrations. Price: $100.00

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