Learning How To Learn

Learning How To Learn, With Study Technology!


Increase subject understanding and retention. Creating better grades and use of knowledge!

It is an unfortunate fact that our schools are just not getting the job done and educating our children. Students are told TO study but no body shows them HOW to study. It is no surprise that graduation rates have declined among high schoolers and with school cutbacks it only makes it harder for teachers to spend the time needed with each student.  This Video Explains Everything.

Mr. Hubbard then worked out a complete method of how to study – A True Study Technology.

Using this method, anyone can study a subject, UNDERSTAND it and USE it in their life.

This Is What Students And Parents Are Saying.

We offer a series of courses for children (and adults) that teach them this study method.

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Learning How To Learn Book Course
learning how to learn This course is for younger children (ages 8 – 10). It introduces them to the “three barriers to study” and gets them started on good study habits.
Improve Study Skills with Study Skills For Life
improve study skills This course is for children ages 10 – 13. It provides further education in study technology. As the title states, it gives students tools they will use for the rest of their lives.
Childrens Study Course – How To Use A Dictionary
childrens study course This course provides students with the means to get the most out of their education. Students learn everything from finding words quickly to understanding the symbols in dictionaries. It opens doors for those who would otherwise be unable to understand even the simplest of terms.
Improve Grammar And Communication For Children
improve grammar and communication This course utilizes simple text and clear explanations to provide students with the basics in grammar, spoken communication and written communication. Its clarity is key in preventing students from developing an all too common distaste for the subject. It helps students clarify grammar with the purpose of improving their ability to communicate in speech and in writing.
Basic Study Manual – The revolutionary course on How To Study
how to study A more advanced course on study techonlogy for high school students and adults. Parents can also do this course so they can assist their children with their school work.

Children’s Communication Course

childrens communication course
The Children’s Communication Course provides the basics on communication so that they learn how to communicate well and make themselves fully understood. A child who can communicate is more in control of his or her life!

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