How To Successfully Parent Teens

Create Harmony With Tweens And Teens. Parenting Done The Right Way.


Raising your tweens and teens does not have to be a struggle. It can be one of your most rewarding experiences. teens and tweensBut since children do not come with a manual, the question remains: How? How can you best help them grow into happy, upstanding citizens operating on their own initiative?
Learn the basic principles of raising teens and tweens. Provide the solid foundation from which they can grow and be successful. This course will show you how.

On the Successfully Parenting Tweens and Teens Course you will learn:

• The importance of giving youth a purpose in life, and how to do it.
• The role contribution plays in a young person’s life and how it influences
their attitude and behavior.
• What you can do as a parent to give your tween or teen a brighter, happier and more prosperous future.

When you know and use the tools contained in this course, you will help your tweens and teens achieve happiness and success for the rest of their lives.

Testimonials from people who have done this course:

“This course has

simplified a very complex aspect of living: parenting. It is one of the most useful pieces of information I have ever read on parenting and childhood development-simple, concise, correct and accurate.” B.B.“Every parent or

person thinking about being a parent should take this course. Anyone who has a child or is a schoolteacher will benefit. It is a small course with great rewards from all the lives you will touch when you complete it!” B.C.“This was amazing

because I understood what happened with me during my teens! I always wondered why criminals are the way they are and now I know. This is vital knowledge for our culture and civilization!” N.L. “This course has

very useful information to anyone who was or is struggling with their teens and tweens. It can turn things around and make it a pleasant experience. Personally I loved learning how to play the triangle of games and all the tools to make tweens and teens contributive and valuable citizens.” M.S.M