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Why is your marriage falling apart? Why is it that the person you were once in love with  now can’t see your point of view? Why, when you get home at night, there is no real communication between you and your partner? Why does your marriage seem to not have the excitement that it had when the marriage started?

Well, there is a reason. And you will discover the answers through Scientology marriage counseling.

Scientology marriage counseling is a non-denominational technique that is used when the marriage has become strained or is on the brink of divorce. The procedure is used to alleviate difficulties a couple are experiencing, such as upsets always occurring, one of them wanting to leave, or just when there seems to be “no hope”.

The marriage counseling is done by getting each person to communicate the things they have done or not done that went against the agreements  they made about their marriage. This unburdens each partner from the urge to leave or not be in communication. The outcome is a couple who is clean on the agreements of the marriage and their love for one another is restored.

Many marriages have been on the brink of divorce and have been successfully salvaged through this marriage counseling procedure. This is, in no way, however a  guarantee that the couple will remain married.  But, once the marriage counseling is completed, the couple will be able to make rational decisions concerning the future of their marriage.

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Marriage Counseling Success Stories:

At the start of this service I felt grief and I felt like there was no “hope”.  I have definitely run the gamut of emotions through all of this!  I feel like I can
cleanly create; and I can create responsibly.  I am way more in love with my husband and really feel a strong bond between us now (something I haven’t felt, I think, the entire time we’ve been together).  I find myself adoring him for his little quirks and his personality (even the way he occasionally snores!).  I also had something leave where I just didn’t feel griefy, I just felt like, every action that I take, I take more responsibly.  I see how my actions effect others, my husband, and myself.
I see that doing things I knew I shouldn’t have been doing and keeping it to myself are what led to that feeling of grief and “no hope”, and I realized that Scientology was the only thing that could clean that up.  Without this Technology, life would’ve just gotten less and less bearable, a dwindling spiral…”

“I am thankful for and in awe of the peace I feel having completed Scientology Marriage Counseling. I was not/and have not been taking responsibility of my actions, thoughts, needs, desires, etc. and being cause over them. Rather, I have wallowed in being the effect of such things.
I am thankful for the opportunity to begin my life anew with new vision.”

“Thank you very much for the time and resources afforded to both my wife and myself over these few days. By coming here and taking the coaching and counseling, I feel more empowered relative to good and appropriate communication with my wife, and our ability to recognize potential upsets and to restore our love for one another. Over all, I feel much more vibrant, in tune with my wife and alive. Thanks again” -B.S.


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