The Formulas For Living

Discover The Exact Steps To A Better Life By Learning And Mastering The Formulas For Living.


If personal relationships go wrong, what should you do? If you are in debt, how should you handle it? If your jobformulas for living goes sour, how can you straighten it out? Whether you think you know or you never discovered it, there are exact formulas for those situations and any others; precise steps, based on natural laws, that work every time to rectify any situation and improve any aspect or area of your life!On the Formulas for Living Course you will learn:

• The laws that govern your survival and can guarantee a prosperous, happy future.
• What statistics are and how you can use them to gauge the wealth of any activity
and predict what will happen in the future.
• The Condition Formulas that guide life; practical steps that can and will improve any condition.

When you know and apply the data in this course, you can sort out any bad state of affairs and strengthen


positive ones. Your life can rise to new found heights.
Testimonials from people who have done the course:
“This course was

very powerful. I was able to learn how to take something from nothing and make it grow to unlimited proportions or take something broken and turn it around or take something that is doing well and make it do better. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do that? J.P. “Formulas for living

is a must-do course for everyone. Past failures had given me a great lack of confidence in my abilities to succeed since I did not know exactly what I had done when I succeeded and what actions caused me to fail. This lack of knowledge had been holding me back from brighter opportunities and greater risks. Now, with the exact steps to take to prevent failure and ensure success I am more confident in my abilities to handle any situation, whether threat of failure or accelerating success. I am ready to dive into life head-on!” L.C.