Success Stories from Parents and Children

Children’s Commnication Course
“I liked every single drill. I can communicate better.” -T.V.
Grammar and Communication for Children
“I think that now that I have finished this course I will do better in life. I felt very good when I finished and I hope I will be able to share it.” -S.C.
How to Use a Dictionary
“I studied how to use a dictionary and I learned how to use a dictionary.” -F.M.
How to Use a Dictionary
“Thank you everyone for helping me with my course so I could use a dictionary and learn how to clear up words easier.” -M.N.
Learning How To Learn
From a parent: “We put our daughter in the Learning How To Learn course to help in school. At the time we had just moved to Sacramento and we were told she was considerably behind in math. We were told she had to attend summer school to catch up before moving on to the 3rd grade. Two weeks ago she started bringing home 100% on her math papers. Her teach sent home a note saying “Remarkable accomplishment in math.” We have noticed that she is more confident at home, completes homework with less direction and has no problem asking someone to help her when she needs it. Thank you!!” -M.R.
Study Skills for Life
“I learned a lot of stuff and I really liked the course. It was fun!” -R.H.
Study Skills for Life
From a parent who did Study Skills for Life: “The knowledge I gained from this course will come in handy when helping my son with his schoolwork. This all seems so “common sense” – I wish I knew this stuff when I was in school!! This should be a required course for all teachers and parents.” -K.L.

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